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First Impression of IAC

Reason to choose IAC

While entering in the campus of IAC, the first glance was so impressive. The traditional red brick multipurpose building and lush green grass was eye catching. The ambience of the campus depicts the artistic feel. I was thrilled when my eyes got on the sculpture studio where the student were working out on their projects. Student’s messy hands, dirty clothes yet eyes full of passion while working on the minor details of the project aroused me to try out myself. The teacher seems to be involved with each student.

Moreover, the faculty staff of the institute is highly qualified and experienced. The vast ground, amphitheatres and botanical garden were quite impressive. One of the most interesting fact was the infrastructure of the building is one of its own kind. The studios, fully equipped labs, exhibition halls, classroom were spacious. The auditorium was outstanding. The infrastructure showed that IAC promotes the art and culture.

The most interesting fact is that IAC offers student exchange program. While having a conversation with a student got to know that students are sent to different renowned and popular institutes and universities for a definite span to explore, evaluate and judge various aspects of student life, competence, curriculum and activities. These kind of exposures for students can take their professional careers on next level. Apart from this IAC is collaborating with different national and international institutes, which gives their students chance to work with people of diverse backgrounds.

The institute not only grooms students academically but also emphasis on extracurricular activities which develops the sense of coordination and leadership among students. Apart from these collaboration there are number of clubs & societies in which students work on different projects to enhance their interpersonal & intrapersonal skills. Towards the end of the degree, skills of the students at this university are groomed hence they are confident and well aware of the professional world.  

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