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Is it true or not that you are an introvert individual who’s normally thoughtful? No Worries! You can in any case have an extraordinary fresher’s week and start socializing with new people.

We realize it tends to be frightening, meeting new individuals and dreading they won’t care for you or you’ll insult yourself, yet recollect everybody is in almost the same situation, and regardless of how certain individuals might appear, odds are good that they’re feeling somewhat frightened as well!

Honestly speaking, people don’t think about you as much as you worry, perhaps they are worrying about what you perception about them.

This in infact “the spotlight effect” where you tend to overestimate what people observe about you, so if you develop stranger anxiety, accompanying the fear of saying something wrong, you need to overcome that fear. Know that it’s just your mind underrating you.

Fresher’s week can be overwhelming as you’re encircled by lots of new people, the wave of stranger anxiety, BUT IT’S OKAY.

Make an effort not to stay away from social circumstances during this period. We realize that occasionally you’ll simply need to stow away yet propel yourself out of your usual range of socializing as you would rather not feel disengaged. Converse with bunches of individuals, attend orientation activities or chat with individuals in your course. It will be the icebreaker and exercise to know more about this new and interesting place.

Remember! It is fine to take some time for yourself and recharge your social battery. Orientation can be overwhelming but you won’t regret exploring the Campus. Have a look at this new part of horizon and ENJOY.

Warda Qamar

Graphic and Visual Communication Design

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