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How IAC has changed me

Often heard places change a person’s personality? Well I can recall the times when very first time I stepped into IAC. The scared and nervous girl surrounded by number of strangers. The indecisive person with lack of confidence has transformed as a strong individual who is leading a team of people and participating in various fun filled activities.

Let me share this journey with you. During the first year of my Bachelors I was completely a nerd. Always hooked with assignments, quizzes and projects since I have been an exceptional student throughout my academics, but the faculty was excellent. Always welcomed the students with ideas, listening to their problems and sorting out their issues. During this time, my teachers saw my progress in terms of knowledge and urge to work in challenging situation.

Where my knowledge was getting vast, intrapersonal skills, confidence and leadership was the one thing that lacked in me. I remember there was an orientation for new students in university for which my friend was working in management. Unfortunately, due to some personal reasons she wasn’t available on the event, so society head insisted me to join the event. The first event with management team, closely observing the operations of the teammates trigged my adventurous element.

After the event, met the President of society and inform him that I was interested in joining the society. Luckily, the pandemic era was coming to end that’s when I started working for clubs and society. Initially I was observing the work and gradually started sharing different ideas for the on the events with management. One of my mentor’s liked my idea so much and later that small activity turned into ‘Gothic’ during which I was given authority to hire and lead the team and execute the event. The moment I was given responsibility, I got butterflies in my stomach. It seems to be the most difficult task of my life. Still remember the hurdles we had to face as team. The issues, stress during that period was insane. But it’s often said ‘You grow through, what you go through’. Indeed it was right for me in that time period. I overcame all my fears and developed strong, confident personality.

Soon I will be leaving this amazing place with beautiful memories, all I would advise my juniors is to take challenges and avail opportunities. One day you will be sitting and analysing your growth as an individual and contribution in the society.



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