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Sometimes, the stress of projects, assignments, and classes makes you so exhausted. All you want to do is go on vacation and take a break from your daily hectic routine. After each semester, come the warm memories. At the beginning of each semester, learning and thrilling adventures are awaiting. University life has such a charm. The minute you take a break is the moment you start missing all the hustle and bustle of daily life.
However, this time I can feel butterflies in my stomach as it is the last academic year which is surely going to be a rollercoaster. Last year to journey of learning and fun. During academics, the internships were quite fruitful as working with industry professionals enhance your knowledge and expand your vision. As Henri Nouwen says, “The university has become a place that prepares you for the fights in the world.’’ This is very true as it depicts the future life after university. I can recall the time when I entered IAC, as an introvert, indecisive person with a narrow vision and less understanding of the world. An introvert turned up into an extrovert.
What I learned during my degree apart from academics was teamwork, patience, problem-solving and communication skills. Mostly importantly professionalism is an important skill, everyone needs to learn before stepping into practical life. Hence, these skills groomed my personality. Surely it is one of the most enlightening experiences I went through.
For everyone, who is about to enter university this is the best era of your life. Here not only you will develop your skills and knowledge but also make great memories and take a step forward before your practical exposure. Cherish each phase of your life.

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