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TWO DAY WELL BEING CAMP on Breast Cancer Awareness

Institute for Art and Culture (IAC) conducted a 2-Day Well-Being Camp organized by Student Facilitation Centre. The agenda was to create awareness regarding students’ physical and mental health.

 On Day 1 a seminar on Hygiene & Sanitation was held. The purpose was self-reflection. Students were invited to different assessment tools that were available to assess their Emotional Intelligence, Approach to Gratitude, Relationship with Significant Others, Peer Pressure, Self-esteem, Academic Anxiety, Depression, Anxiety and Stress, and so on. This activity made students realize how crucial it is to devote as much time to mental health as they do to physical health. Counseling sessions were planned for specific students based on their needs.

On Day 2, the seminar on International Talk on Breast Cancer Awareness was conducted. The panel consists of Dr. Abid Siddiqui (UK), Dr Farah Siddiqui (UK) & Dr. Tasmia Farooq. The session started with the recitation of the Holy Quran and Naat. Dr. Abid Siddiqui thanked the Chancellor, Muhammad Faisal Janjua, Registrar Brig (Rtd) Muhammad Safeer Vaseer, Head of Student Facilitation Center Bakhtawar Mukhtar and her entire team for giving the privilege to be part of the awareness campaign.

Dr. Abid Siddiqui’s interactive session was initiated with interactive polls that consisted of the importance of awareness of Breast cancer and the social stigma attached to it due to which people are often hesitant to talk about it. Furthermore, lack of education and inadequate health facilities has made it difficult to detect and cure the disease timely. Mostly, diagnostics are conducted at the third stage and it’s difficult to save a life. One in eight women may suffer from breast cancer if the preventive measures are not taken promptly. Hence, there is a chance of a rising number of cases that will spike in the future if the condition will remain the same.

Dr. Farah explained the occurrence of breast cancer and the difference between normal cells vs breast cancer cells. The signs and alarming symptoms for females to keep an eye on. The methods of self-examination should be conducted regularly. Dr. Tasmia Farooq discussed the importance of early detection and treatment to cure this disease. She told almost 90% of lives can be saved by creating awareness among females and early detection of the disease.

Dr. Abid Siddiqui said it was a pleasurable experience to be part of the awareness campaign. Educating young minds about breast cancer will be fruitful while fighting the cause. The Head of the Student Facilitation Center, Bakhtawar Mukhtar thanked Dr. Abid Siddiqui and his team for the valuable information. She emphasized that education on Breast cancer should be given to males along with females. As together they will be able to fight the cause.

Registrar, Brig (Rtd) Muhammad Safeer Vaseer appreciated the initiative taken by Student Facilitation Center, Bakhtawar Mukhtar and her team. He acknowledged the valuable information the guest speakers gave and thanked Dr. Abid Siddiqui, Dr. Farah Siddiqui & Dr. Tasmia Farooq for their effort. He said it’s important to get yourselves educated along with your families. The guest speakers were presented with shields and certificates. The event was hosted by Warda Qamar, a student of IAC.

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