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Fasih Bari Khan, a well-known writer of Pakistan’s drama industry visited Institute for Art and Culture (IAC) for an interactive session and screening of his short film ‘Gulzar’ with the students.

 HOD, Film and Television (FTV), Syed Urooj Samdani appreciated the work of Fasih Bari, as his dramas, plays and short films differ from the other writers in the industry. He specializes in penning down social issues prevailing in society through his work. Fasih Bari said that stories are everywhere around us, all we do is find and present them to the audience. He further said that he is an independent writer and works without any dictatorship which makes his content different from others. He has recently set up his own YouTube channel by the name of ‘Kabaarr Khaana’. His short film ‘Gulzar’ based on the Indian Legendary Gulzar (Poet, Author, Screenwriter and Film Director & Producer) was screened for the students.


Following the question-answer session with HOD (FTV) Urooj Samdani, he introduced his team who worked on the recent projects. Though the project was low-budget the concept of the film was heart-winning and was very much appreciated by the students. His stance on the current drama industry was that the Entertainment industry has limited and repetitive content for the audience as the writers are inspired by Bollywood trends. Legendary drama writers of PTV focus on the originality of the content due to which each story was different from the other. He advised the youth to focus on quality content first and not monetary rewards.

Talking about scriptwriting, Fasih said that the audience of our country appreciates the defined ending whereas he keeps his story’s ending open-ended. This differentiates his work from others. Fasih Bari Khan and IAC will be working together in the future and IAC students will be given internship opportunities to work as Scriptwriters, Production Designers, Actors, Directors and Assistant Directors in their productions.

The event was hosted by Warda Qamar, student of IAC. In the end, students of IAC acknowledged this informative session where Fasih Bari Khan was presented with the shield of an award.

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