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Minister of Youth and Culture inaugurates exhibition at IAC


Exhibition of “METAMORPHOSIS” was arranged at Institute for Art and Culture by School of Art, on 14th of December, 2022. Minister of Youth and Culture, Punjab Mr. Malik Taimoor Masood and Chancellor Institute for Art and Culture Mr. Muhammad Faisal Janjua inaugurated the exhibition and paid a visit to each art work separately. They were briefed about the artworks by the artists at IAC. Artworks belonging to various niches were presented in the gallery. The display was about connecting the evolutionary masterpieces of renowned artists. It not only involved the work of fine artists but visual artists, graphic designers, textile designers and sculptors.

 The display also involved the works of students, that was the initiative to encourage students as the same gallery involved the masterpieces of renowned names of Pakistan. The overall demonstration revolved around the essence of art and culture of Pakistan. The efforts and creativity was immensely appreciated by the Minister of Youth and Culture and he also appreciated the involvement of students. The visitors were amazed by the works of artist’s i.e. “In Search of Infinity” by Dr. Shahida Manzoor Dean School of Art, “Identity III” by Mr. Akram Dost Baloch from Balochistan, “EVENING Light” by Mr. Zulfiqar Ali (Zulfi), “River Ravi Lahore” by Mr. Anjum Zaheer, “Calculations of Deeds” by Mr. Nadeem Bashir from Australia, “View of Wazir Khan Mosque through Balcony” by Mr. Ghulam Mustafa, faculty and students of IAC.

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