Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC), is an initiative by HEC opened in almost all universities in Pakistan. The aim of ORIC is to create a platform for students / teachers / researchers to ensure the impact of research and to sow seeds of entrepreneurship among universities graduates, who would desist from entering the job market and instead become employers.

Since the Industrial Revolution, the growth of economies around the world has been driven largely by the pursuit of scientific understanding, the application of engineering solutions, and continual technological innovation. Ideally, university structures should support all aspects of this process, from invention to innovation, as well as commercialization. Hence ORIC is responsible for facilitating and supporting the discovery and innovation process.

The purpose of ORIC is to serve as a pivotal point to encompass all the research activities, develop, expand, enhance and manage the university’s research programs and to link research activities directly to the educational, social and economic priorities of the university and its broader community, under a single umbrella. The ORIC is also responsible for assuring that the quality of research reflects the highest international standards and advances.

ORIC shall guarantee that all research programs and policies reflect the core values of academic freedom, professional integrity and ethical conduct and full compliance with all policies, legal requirements and operational standards of the university.