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Aghna Fatima



A short animated 2d-hand drawn film. Realistic story with real life stylized characters. It is based on real life emotions of people that are relatable to Pakistanis/South Asian people.

The film highlights how the lack of empathy can cause an increase in depression for the person who is at the receiving . Urges you to be kinder versions of yourselves!



  • Idea Generation
  • Story Writing
  • Script Writing
  • Characterizations
  • Environment plans
  • Story boarding

Following are the software used for the process:

  • Procreate
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Animate
  • Premiere pro
  • MS Word


  • Final Characters
  • Final Environments
  • Animation breakdowns
  • Animation timelines
  • Rough animated frames
  • Clean up animation
  • Coloring animation


  • Compiling all the shots
  • Editing the shots
  • Color grading
  • Adding video effects
  • Recording, adding and editing  the sound
  • Adding sound transitions
  • Editing intro and outro


The targeted audience for my film is 7 years and older. As I love to do everything on my own, I allotted zero budget for the film. I was only willing to invest in the sound designing but I ended up doing it on my own due to the tough time slot. The dialogues were recorded on the cell phones of the voice artists. My close friends, family and my mentor, Mr. Imran Gul, helped me in making this film as low on budget as possible.  This film has been made in mere four moths, two months were spent on pre-production and two on production and post-production. Its duration is three minutes. I wrote the story, designed the characters, environments, directed, animated, designed sound, basically I did everything on my own in four months. My mentor helped me with every single problem that I faced throughout the process.