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Recreating the Mughal Architecture in 3D and VR enabled us to give the tourists an opportunity of not just watching the heritage site but also immersing in an experience taking them back in time.


The project was divided in the following parts to document the history of Lahore by an immersive experience created by modern technologies as a bridge with ancient history.

  1. Interactive 360 immersive experience – Badshahi mosque
  2. 360 immersive experience – Elephant stairs
  3. Backdrop space design as an NFT for the virtual world – Fresco Wall


Virtual reality (VR) has been characterized as a reasonable and vivid simulation of a three-dimensional space made with intuitive programming and equipment and experienced or constrained by the user’s body development, or as a vivid, intelligent experience created by a PC. VR gives an engaging an open door to visit recorded objects or places that are hard to reach, frequently from places that are unrealistic, in actuality.

After brainstorming and evaluating the work was planned around the following methodology which was divided in 6 distinct phases.


Experience 1- Badshahi Mosque

A virtually immersive interactive space is created for the user to experience the history in its original time, the time of its peak beauty, and view and relives the history as it was A place.

Experience 2- Elephant Stairs

These stairs were built to accommodate royals mounted on elephants. The elephant steps (or Hathi Paer) are essential for access to the quarters and actually permitted royalty to rise the whole way to the entryway prior to getting off. To oblige the huge animals, the steps were planned with wide tracks which became an important element of design in Lahore forts’ history. When virtually experiencing it, you can view a complete 360 angle as a royal on an elephant.

Experience 3- Fresco Wall

A fresco-painted wall will be used as a backdrop for anyone who wants to perform virtually in Lahore to make a cultural ambiance. More similar backdrops will be available according to the needs of the event and how they would want to use it.


This projects seeks to engage the foreigners, commenced by our historical agencies or the museums to increases the knowledge and interest of foreigners in Lahore’s history. By engaging them in audio visual immersion, this will benefit our tourism industry. It’s a first heritage project of Pakistan in a virtual land, also available for purchase on the oculus app. This futuristic project opens different kind of dimension for the viewers by being operated on an oculus meta quest 2(VR Headset). Virtual reality, is a kind of innovation that transports you to some other place and time both audibly and visually. This technology has been widely used in the video gaming industry. This project takes inspiration from the global use of VR technology in number of famous Art galleries and heritages site.