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Chacha Chakkan is a children’s  from urdu literature stories written by Syed Imtiaz Ali Taj.The aim was to introduce this character to a new audience of young people who are not aware of it and promote urdu literature.

Chacha chakan is that chacha of the house or society who is always there to step into someone’s issues, invited or uninvited. Chacha chakan is like that baby of the house who is always ready to annoy the whole family without any purpose.  Whenever he tries to do something his family members suffer the most.

This game is a 3D adventure game with different levels. Some levels are derived from the real stories of chacha chakkan and some are new.

The environment is inspired from the walled city of lahore.


  • What is the game?

    This game is  set in a 3D environment. The main character is chacha chakkan.it is an open world game where the player is allowed to move through the environment as they like. This will allow them to move around the virtual environment and explore it themselves.


    PC game.

    Total levels of the Game:

    There are going to be a total of 4 levels of the game. One level will be executed through the prototype for my project. After the response on the game more levels will be updated to the app.

    Where is the game taking place?

    The city in which the game is taking place is inspired by the walled city of lahore.

    Project Requirements:

    • 3D models(3ds max/Blender)
    • 2D art (photoshop)
    • Animation(Unity/blender)
    • UI/UX Design(photoshop)
    • Programming (visual studio/unity)


The platform of this game is PC. I made a pc game because I think it is better for children to play video games on their PC as compared to the mobile because with mobile they can access other things more conveniently and they tend to spend more time on phones.

Currently for this project there is one level of the game that is completely developed. I will be making more levels using real and new stories of chacha chakkan.

The game focuses on bringing urdu literatures masterpiece of children stories Chacha Chakkan into the gaming world and making our kids aware of urdu characters and culture.