A collaboration with Lahore Biennale Foundation LBF 02

Eighth Garden is a utopian space that one desires to be in, a safe haven for the practitioners of conventional arts and crafts. The garden is an ever-changing entity, plants grow, yield flowers and fruits. They wilt and die and new seeds are sown and tendered. Similarly, art practices are adopted, they are appropriated they become tradition only to be replaced by the new and the novel; the modern. The exhibition that remained open till 20th Feb, 2020 showcased works of seasoned artists including, Risham Syed, Masooma Syed, Nusra Latif Qureshi, Sania Samad, Humaira ABID, Usman Saeed and Asif Sharif. It also provides a platform for the younger, promising lot of Lahore art scene like Faseeh Saleem, Sadqain, Sameen Agha, Shuja ul Haq and Shahzad Ali to display their artworks for the ever- growing audience of art in the historical city of Lahore.