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Bachelor In Film & Television

Eligibility Criteria

The Bachelor in Film and Television program shall enable the development of distinct cinematic voices through the systematic widening of individual exposures in an innovative learning system. The students will learn to communicate effectively in various backdrops and develop an integrated approach to creativity, enterprise, and technologies. The interdisciplinary approach facilitates the cross-pollination of ideas and opportunities in a rapidly changing industry. It shall help students recognize their niches and develop their expertise in their areas of interest from commercial to artistic approaches. The core courses devise a conceptual, practical, historical, and critical understanding of film, T.V, and digital media, which emphasize sensitivity to cultural identities and the spatial and temporal realities of the subject.

Film and Television students will learn to distinguish between percepts and realities to verbalize storytelling. The program shall create professionals who are in touch with society and can produce culturally sensitive, politically aware, and intellectually rich content to reflect their cultural heritage. Also, it emphasizes originality, creativity, and maturity for developing film, T.V, and media content that responds to digital diversity and cultural assimilation.

With Film & TV bachelor’s degree from IAC, graduates will be well placed to find gainful employment, as

  • Directors
  • Producers
  • Script, Screenplay & Content Writers
  • Cinematographers
  • Editors
  • Lighting Experts
  • Actors
  • Photographers
  • Sound Experts
  • Digital Content Creators
  • Art Directors
  • Production Designers
  • VFX Animators
  • Film Critics
  • Production Managers
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate with at least 45% marks.
  • American High School Diploma with IBCC equivalence of 45%.
  • International Baccalaurate with IBCC equivalence of 45%.
  • GCE ‘O’ Level passes in 8 subjects and ‘A’ level in three principal subjects with IBCC equivalence.


Total Credit Hours: 135


First Year – First Semester 1
Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs. Course Category Pre-Req
FTV-101 Introduction to Film & T.V 3(2+1) Foundation 1 None
SOC-103 Principles of Sociology 3(3+0) General-1 None
EWR-101 Introduction to Expository Writing 3(3+0) Eng-1 (Compulsory – 1) None
AHM-101 Introduction to Philosophy 3(3+0) General – 2 None
SOC-101 Introduction to Soft Skills 3(2+1) General – 3 None
ISM-101 Islamic Studies 3(3+0) Compulsory – 2 None
Total Credit Hours 18(16+2)    
First Year – Second Semester 2
Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs. Course Category Pre-Req
CSC-101 Introduction to ICT 3(2+1) Compulsory – 3 None
FTV-102 Fundamentals of Photography 3(1+2) Foundation2 None
QTR-102 Introduction to Statistics 3(3+0) Compulsory – 4 None
EWR-102 Communication & Presentation Skills 3(3+0) Eng-2 (Compulsory – 5) EWR101
FTV-104 Digital Tools 3(1+2) Foundation 3 None
SOC-102 Soft Skills & Personality Development 3(1+2) General – 4 None
Total Credit Hours 18(11+7)    

Second Year

Second Year – First Semester 3
Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs. Course Category Pre-Req
FTV-201 Cinematography 3(0+3) Foundation 4 None
EWR-203 Critical Reading and Academic Writing 3(3+0) Eng-3 (Compulsory – 6) EWR102
FTV-202 History & Theory of World Cinema 3(3+0) Foundation 5 None
URD-201 Functional Urdu 3(3+0) Compulsory – 7 None
PST-201 Pakistan Studies 3(3+0) Compulsory – 8 None
PSY-201 Principles of Psychology 3(3+0) General – 5 None
Total Credit Hours 18(15+3)    
Second Year – Second Semester 4
Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs. Course Category Pre-Req
FTV-203 Introduction to Acting 3(1+2) Foundation6 None
FTV-204 Sound for Visuals 3(1+2) Foundation 7 None
FTV-206 Documentary Filmmaking 3(1+2) Major1 None
FTV-208 Fundamentals of Editing 3(1+2) Foundation 8 None
AHM-202 Social Entrepreneurship 3(3+0) General – 6 None
MCS-206 Functional English 3(3+0) Eng-4 (Compulsory – 9) EWR-203
Total Credit Hours 18(10+8)    

Third Year

Third Year – First Semester 5
Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs. Course Category Pre-Req
FTV-301 T.V Program Production 3(0+3) Foundation 9 None
FTV-303 Aesthetics of Film 3(3+0) Foundation 10 None
FTV-305 Advanced Editing 3(0+3) Major2 FTV-208
FTV-307 Sound Design 3(0+3) Major3 FTV-204
FTV-309 Direction 3(0+3) Major4 None
FTV-311 Screenplay Writing 3(3+0) Major5 None
Total Credit Hours 18(6+12)    
Third Year – Second Semester 6
Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs. Course Category Pre-Req
FTV-302 TVC Production 3(0+3) Major6 None
FTV-304 Animation & VFX 3(1+2) Major 7 None
CSC-321 Research Methodology 3(3+0) General – 7 None
FTV-306  Lighting for Film & T. V 3(1+2) Major8 None
FTV-308 Digital Fiction Film Production 3(0+3) Major9 None
Total Credit Hours 15(5+10)    

Note: Internship will be offered in the 6th semester with zero credit

Fourth Year

Fourth Year – First Semester 7
Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs. Course Category Pre-Req
FTV-401 Music Video 3(0+3) Major10 None
FTV-403 T.V Drama Production 3(0+3) Major11 None
FTV-498 Project-I (Pre-production) 3(2+1) Major12 None
FTV-*** Elective I 3(3+0) Elective None
FTV-*** Elective II 3(3+0) Elective None
Total Credit Hours 15(8+7)    
Fourth Year – Second Semester 8
Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs. Course Category Pre-Req
ITC-405 Project Management 3(2+1) General-8 None
FTV-402 Copyrights, Contracts & Media Laws 3(3+0) Major13 None
FTV-499 Project-II (Production & Post-production) 3(0+3) Major 14 FTV-498
FTV-*** Elective III 3(3+0) Elective None
FTV-*** Elective IV 3(3+0) Elective None
Total Credit Hours 15(11+4)    


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Khan

Professor-Dean SDCA

Post-Doctoral Research-Southern Illinois University, USA(2007)

Pre-Doctoral Research (Turkey)

HEC Fellowship (UK)


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Khan is Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Institute for Art and Culture, Lahore. He is also working as Dean of the School of Digital and Cinematic Art. Previously, he was associated with Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan. Dr. Khan remained chairman of the Department of Communication Studies at BZU for 11 years. He also worked as Director of Academics, Director of Students Affairs and Chairman Affiliation Committee of the university.  He carries over 34 years of teaching and research experience at the university level. He has been visiting scholar at foreign and national universities. Dr. Khan holds Masters in Mass Communication with distinction, a doctorate in Mass Communication and Post-doctorate from Southern Illinois University Carbondale (USA). Dr. Khan completed fellowships from Turkey and the United Kingdom in the field of Mass Communication. He also got a fellowship in Broadcast Journalism from Staffordshire University, UK. He has vast experience in supervising theses at Masters, MPhil, and Ph.D. levels. Dr. Khan has authored more than 40 research papers published in national and international research journals. He also presented research articles at several international conferences. Dr. Khan participated in mass communication-related conferences, workshops, and seminars around the country as well. He is a member of the Board of Studies/Selection Boards as an expert on Mass Communication at several universities in Pakistan as well as a member of various committees of academic nature. He also worked as Secretary-HEC National Curriculum Revision Committee for Mass Communication.


Mr. Zafar Khokhar

Professor / HOD SDCA

Master in Computer Science – Punjab University (1996)


Seasoned professional, having more than twenty years of teaching and working experience in the corporate & pedagogy sector, specializing in Game Design and Development, having expertise in IT, Project Management, Agile Management and Graphics Designing, and Computer Science. Possess excellent administrative, team management, verbal communication, and writing skills with constructive and effective methods. Able to work in a managerial role and have the proven ability to cope with tight schedules and deadlines. Having the strong capability to establish a comprehensive training system along with administration of software house.


Mr. Mustafa Jamil Paracha

Associate Professor

Master Multimedia Arts, NCA – Lahore

Mr. Imran Gul

Assistant Professor

(Mphil) Masters in Multimedia Arts from NCA, Lahore 2011-2012
BCS from University of Sindh, Jamshoro 2001-2005

Mr. Rai Bilal Ahmed Bhatti

Assistant Professor

MA Multimedia Arts from National College of Arts.  BS. Hon in Jewelry Design and Gemological science from Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design

Ms. Uroob Rabbani

Associate Professor

BFA-Graphic Design-University Of Art & Design(2012)

Mr. Syed Ali Sultan 

Assistant Professor

MA Communication, Culture, and Media (Coventry, UK) | BA(Honors) Mass Communication (FCCU)

Mr. Shahzad Mehmood


Bachelor in Textile & Apparel Design, National Textile University, Faisalabad

M.Phil Multimedia Arts.

Ms. Naintara Abulfazal


MPhil, Multimedia Arts from the National College of Arts (NCA)

Ms. Kainat Thebo


Bachelor of Film & Television, 2016
National College of Arts (NCA), Lahore
MS Film and TV, 2022
Beaconhouse National University (BNU)