The four-year bachelor degree program in Game Design is the first of its kind in Pakistan. The program is designed to equip students with knowledge and skills, both theoretical and practical, through the latest interactive storytelling techniques. Professionals from the game design industry are engaged in the teaching process while making use of professional quality equipment and labs established at IAC. Between semesters 6 and 7, the program offers internships within the industry. The final semester in the program is project-based, in which students work individually or in teams. An Annual Industry Day will be organized every year, where employers from different companies come to meet students, see their work, and conduct interviews. The program will cover the Game Design process, publication and monetization for all the major app stores and devices such as google play store, iOS app store, X-Box, Play Station and more. Along with the aesthetic design and conceptual development; the students will also learn the key software necessary for the game design and adhering to industry standards for the development pipeline.

The students are required to obtain a minimum of 134 credit hours with a minimum GPA of 2.0 for degree eligibility. These credit hours are distributed over 8 semesters during a period of 4 years.

An annual Industry Day will be organized every year where employers from different companies will come to meet students, see their work, and conduct interviews. IAC, graduates from SDCA will be well-equipped to find entry-level employments, moving rapidly into intermediate level and leadership positions, including:

• Level designer

• Experience designer

• Character designer

• 2d/3d game animation designer • 3d modeler/rigger for game design

• Set & prop designer

• Costume designer

• Storyboard artist

• Game-play tester

• Ui designer

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