The Bachelor in Animation Design focuses on providing applied, real-world skill development with a broad range of intellectual skills. Assignments and class work revolve around case studies, simulations and lab projects. Industry professionals, using the same techniques and tools that the students will eventually need at the workplace, will be engaged to teach them. They will create their own scripts, characters, layouts, and produce their own animated films.

The program offers courses, which are designed in collaboration with industry experts in line with the requirements of the industry and with deployment of state-of-the-art studios. Rigorous instruction in both classical and computer animation will be carried out and the students will be trained in cutting-edge 2D/3D computer animations. Between semesters 6 and 7, students will complete an internship within the industry. The final semester in the program is project-based. The School will provide career counselling and connections to the students after their 3rd year to enable them to gain professional experience during a one-month work placement.

Application form and processing fee: Rs. 1,000/-
Registration / Admission fee: Rs. 20,000/-
Security (Refundable) Rs. 20,000/-
Tuition fee Per 1 Credit hour of Theory (Non-Lab Credit Hour) Rs. 7,500/- Per Credit Hour
Tuition fee Per 1 Credit hour of Computer Lab / Studio / Practical Lab Rs. 9,500/- Per Credit Hour)
Miscellaneous Rs. 10,000/-