Bachelor in Architecture (B. Arch) prepares students to become well-versed in the contemporary concepts of architecture and create a niche in the field from where they can contribute to the shaping of human environment. This aim is achieved through a focused approach to an academic process that emphasizes the social responsibility in pursuit of making environment people-friendly and aesthetically appealing.

The academic program is focused on imparting an instruction in real planning and design issues of communities, explored through systematic research and insight into the budding design issues globally and locally. The degree program focuses on the incorporation of culture and aesthetics in design and technological practices to produce intellectually fulfilling outcomes. This is achieved through community development projects, creative partnerships with traditional building craftsmen and through field placements of students, especially in areas that have high demands in the market.

The course is taught in an all-inclusive manner with subjects ranging from landscape, history and theory, participatory design, art and architectural journalism, and areas of many more academic interests. B. Arch at SADU particularly puts a premium on generating new knowledge and passion for the rehabilitation and preservation of areas under constant threat of natural calamities. This is done in consultation and partnership with professionals and experts who are already working in the field through internships and job placements.