The bachelor degree offers the study in and understanding of key theoretical concepts, issues and practices within the field of development and community engagement including economic and social inequality, democracy and governance, education and literacy, gender equity, conflict management and peace building, disaster management, and environmental sustainability. These ideas and themes will be explored within the local and international contexts. Additionally, to community development praxis, a dialectical approach to culture and development will be adopted in teaching to enable students to look at and recognize creativity inherent in culture and use it towards development.

Supported by a search of cultural assets, expressions, and practices through interaction with people and their environment, the course of study focuses on holistic human development, inclusive of the economic and social aspects. The goal is to create a team of skilled and educated development practitioners who can facilitate people’s development and empower communities through culturally compliant public policies. The program will enable students to situate cultural sensitivities within the development framework and style innovative development and community projects while working in development sector through placements and job opportunities.