Bachelor in Information Technology focuses on the business and communication applications of computing. Students get trained theoretically as well as practically to acquire a qualification that supports their interests, boosts their career aspirations and equips them with the talents and skill-set to shape a productive career in the field of information technology. Students will enjoy strong industry connections with valuable insights into information technology landscape and opportunities for internships.

Students will gain hands-on experience in the state-of-the-art facilities and build skills required to become a problem solver and innovator across a range of industries such as aviation, mining, engineering, finance, retail, logistics, government, health, entertainment, networking and communications.

Students here will get the opportunities to combine their skills with business, social sciences and humanities through multidisciplinary subjects and further refine their skills in web engineering, technology, security and knowledge analysis.

Application form and processing fee: Rs. 1,000/-
Registration / Admission fee: Rs. 20,000/-
Security (Refundable) Rs. 20,000/-
Tuition fee Per 1 Credit hour of Theory (Non-Lab Credit Hour) Rs. 7,500/- Per Credit Hour
Tuition fee Per 1 Credit hour of Computer Lab / Studio / Practical Lab Rs. 9,500/- Per Credit Hour)
Miscellaneous Rs. 10,000/-