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Genre: Surreal

One Liner: This is a story of a parent flower who sacrifices itself in order to protect the baby flower from external threats.

Message: Through my short film animation, I’ve tried to emphasize two things: how a paternal figure sacrifices their own life to protect the child, secondly how the circle of life moves. I’ve used a symbiotic relationship between a parent and a child to highlight how important it is to move forward in life, and nothing remains the same, teaching us the nature of life.


Pre Production:




-Concept Art


-Characterizations (model sheets)




-In betweens

-Applying Principles of Animation

Post – Production:

-Visual Effects

-Recording, Sound effects


-Final Cut

Softwares Used:

1.Adobe Illustrator


3.Adobe After Effects

4.Adobe Premiere Pro

5.Adobe Media Encoder

6.Microsoft Word


The project task was to create an animated short film based on one’s choice of genre and technical skill. I came up with the current idea inspired by a 3rd-semester project I did back in 2019. Though I am intrigued by both 2D and 3D animation styles, I chose 3D because only this seemed possible and feasible in the given time frame.

The budget allocation was almost negligible; it was only me and my theoretical and technical skills. It took me around two months to complete the pre-production and two months for the production and post-production.

The target audience of my film is open since it allows every individual to think and ponder upon the message on their own. In addition, I feel it is soothing for those who can connect with the film. Yet, I observed through the survey I conducted that younger audience were more likely to connect with the film and understand the deeper meaning of the film.