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Therefore, in times where one feels unworthy or incapacitated, one has to constantly remind him/herself to work on the things which fall in their circle of influence and not worry much about the things which fall in their circle of concern but they don’t have any influence over them. Every human being is unique and limited in his/her existence, so one should own his/her uniqueness and stay positive. One should never forget what they are beautiful because the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.


I designed the whole space and my project was experiential. My project and space have two parts; one black and one white, one represents the society and the other represents you and the wall which stands between these two parts were the illusion wall of doors, which represents that if you want to escape from the society then it is going to be your own effort so who ever experienced it has to find the actual door by putting their effort.


As it’s not possible to measure the immediate change in self-perception after one experience. But change always starts with one person. So, I will be selling good thoughts and positive vibes which is a basic need these days.

To make people realize they are worthy. The experience seeks to make them recognize and accept the real self-unaltered by the boxes of identity and beauty standards made by societal structures which alter with time throughout history. This will be helpful in acknowledging their evolving qualities, both good and bad, and eases them from mental issues and competition. We need to understand that beauty is not bound to fair complexion, big eyes etc., instead it depends on one’s perception of the self. Thus, it is important to understand one’s own worth and acknowledge oneself without the outside influence.