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Book Illustration



Course Description

This course will cover all the aspects of book illustration, such as seek out the stylistic inspiration and to f ocus on character development Begin with a storyboard, students will learn to draw manually first, and then render in digital medium Then arrange the final artwork in layout and design the text according to the composition.

Group discussions and personal advice will help students to achieve an imaginative and arresting illustrated book by the end of the course

Course Objectives

The purpose of this short course is to present a part time training platform where participants can develop the skills required to book illustration
• Introduce students to the fundamental processes of visual perception and artistic expression through illustration
• Develop student’s confidence to design their own book in a printed form
• Develop student’s ability to verbalize ideas and processes in art making
• Develop an understanding of need of illustrated greeting cards, wrapping sheets, mugs, wall hangings, and illustrated gift items

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will be able to

  • Develop their ideas digitally in book form
  • Gather all basic necessary technical information of book design development process
  • Create illustrated book designs from any specific themes on customer demand or requirement
  • Create fantasy based illustrated books
  • Prepare print ready book and have a greater knowledge of the process involved with digitally printing your textile designs onto fabric

Teaching Methodology

The course is 100 practical and will be taught through a series of assignments, peer learning, and presentations along with demonstrations and audio visual aids for practical activities Research work, class juries and peer discussions will be done in each assignment