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Course Description

Islamic calligraphy has long been admired for its beautiful form and line work As an art form, it includes various other types of calligraphy including Arabic, Persian and Ottoman.

This introductory course includes all the letters and learning to be written with their correct proportions and scales Course will start from the absolute basics of how to prepare Bamboo Reed pen Ink as well as the most appropriate writing materials to use to become a Calligraphy Artist.

In this course, students will learn and practice basic lettering by completing a series of basic writing exercises Students will learn about the writing tools used in Islamic calligraphy By practicing and exploring the history of Islamic calligraphy students will develop a greater understanding and appreciation for this striking art form

Course Objectives

  • Covers all the modules needed to hone the calligraphy skills
  • Use an understanding of calligraphy as a lens through which to observe Islamic art as a fine & graphic art
  • Critically evaluate, appreciate, assess & respect the art of calligraphy types
  • Create works of calligraphy that demonstrate an introductory level skill in all scripts
  • Begin to develop personal work with an awareness of historical & contemporary artists working in calligraphy

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this class, students will have the skills they need to make Color mixing techniques, background creation, Calligraphy composition, Qualm and brush technique, and complex modern calligraphy These skills can be refined and expanded upon to include learning other types of calligraphy to create more complex designs It is a traditional art but you can regenerate it in your own ways, as ideas and imaginations have no limits This course is great for anyone who wants to be a calligraphy expert!

Teaching Methodology

The course is 100 practical and will be taught through a series of assignments, peer learning, and presentations along with demonstrations and audio visual aids for practical activities Research work, class juries and peer discussions will be done in each assignment