Express Yourself and Build Your Community

IAC combines a vibrant learning environment with spaces for self-expression, growth and creative development. The Institute encourages its students through a mixture of carefully designed courses and activities to think out of box, innovate and build their own template.

Join us to discover a place which is sparkling with talent, ideas, creativity, research and expression in an environment that allows students to find themselves and create their own identity. You will be welcomed by a group of mentors and educators at IAC who are experts in their field, and extremely passionate about their field of study and the desire to impart that knowledge to you.

You will experience a welcoming community where you will learn, be inspired, meet new and diverse people with whom you will make life-long friendships, and have a blast of your life. The Institute of Art and Culture is the place of your dreams that will help you grow into the kind of professional you wish to be.


Join a vibrant community of art and design gurus and artists working together to achieve and inspire.

A campus designed for creatives

Our students are dreamers, thinkers, makers and doers, and our campus is just designed to translate these ideas into reality. We offer what you need to get inspired into embarking on a journey of exploration and meaning in life.

Our IAC campus located within the heart of beautiful Lahore City has everything an emerging artist, designer, and creator may need to get his/her mind started on the project and ideas. The campus offers coffee shops, and health centers, galleries and exhibition spaces, fully equipped professional studios and labs, an amazing library collection, customizable project rooms, digital checkouts, and more to facilitate your learning. Lush green lawns and the vastness of the outer spaces enlarge the horizon of your thinking. Walks across the beautiful campus are not only pleasing to your eyes but also provide you a reservoir of fresh energy to get back to work. Campus becomes an essential part of your life and highlight of your academic years, something you keep coming back to even after your graduate. Experience IAC for yourself and obtain a life-time of enriching experience.

IAC student body is comprised of emerging artists and designers from all across Pakistan. At IAC, we welcome frank, open and candid dialogue in an environment that fosters respect and inclusion. We believe that inspiration and creativity don't thrive in a vacuum. The best among the artists, designers and thinkers comes out when they interact with one another and exchange ideas in a climate that supports innovation, and originality.

The IAC Student Body represents the voice and aspirations of the students and serves as a bridge between them and the Institute’s management. Through a bunch of student-led, student-owned and student-centric activities, it is a platform for them to build leadership and show initiative. The Student Body is your own body that welcomes your input and suggestions to make your stay a memorable time of your academic life.

Clubs and societies are a distinguished aspect of life at IAC that encourage and motivate students to explore their creative potential and render their energy into output. IAC believes that it isn't just the mind that we educate; it's rather the combination of the mind and body. IAC offers amazing facilities and venues for games such as basketball, badminton, cricket, hockey, and other field sports.

The following clubs and societies are very active at IAC and look forward to your participation as you become part of the IAC family.

  • Sync Choir Society
  • Show Theatre Society
  • Mime
  • Filmiac
  • Yaksaan
  • Notebook lead
  • Book Club

IAC computer studios are open-use facilities with the newest computers, printers, and scanners. These facilities are primarily intended for class projects and research. All computers are directly attached to the Institute’s network. The PC studio facility is accessible via a student ID card.

We want to make sure that regardless of where your inspiration leads you, we provide the resources to back you up. On-campus, we provide labs stocked with computers, high-resolution laser printers, 3D printers, and more.

Students even have access to large-format printing and may use our digital checkout system to utilize an incredible array of high-tech gear like game consoles, video cameras, and digital projectors.

And, of course, our campus is provided with free Wi-Fi, and our Academic Center can connect devices at any given time. We are here to support you, and to help you have an exciting and hassle-free time at the campus.

To mold our students into the creative leaders and thinkers of tomorrow, we understand they have to start out working like professionals today. That's why, from day one, our students are given a high-end laptop, loaded with all the newest software, free of charge.

A Home Away From Home

The campus and facilities designed at IAC have been developed keeping in mind the needs of the faculty and student body, an environment that is ideal for and supportive to the development of future leaders, scholars and creators.

IAC offers managed and secure boarding facilities for female students. Interested students may contact the admissions office for further details.