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Chancellor’s Message



IAC offers dynamic International associations, an outstanding research environment, and with tremendous significance, an interdisciplinary educational portfolio that synergizes the best of campus and hands-on experience for our students. We nurture our graduates with a healthy collaborative platform where they can freely express their creativity and where mindsets are prepared to face the real world with problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

To meet the challenges of our social & cultural evolution, IAC has strived to educate students in arts, focusing on cultural and linguistic diversity with interdisciplinary research. That helps students better understand human history and connections to today’s society, find solutions through art, science, and cultural education. A step forward, soft skills training is part of the personality development process at IAC, where students learn to listen carefully, question critically, think logically, communicate with clarity, act creatively and live ethically.

In addition to academic expansion on the science & technology front, extracurricular initiatives with the active participation of students will evolve an organic learning environment that can meet local and global market requirements. We aim to provide our students access to a collaborative academic environment with international partners and universities with different programs and platforms.

Mr. Muhammad Faisal Janjua

Institute for Art and Culture (IAC)