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Clubs and Societies



Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities play a vital role in the academic and social life of students. Such activities admittedly invigorate a healthy relationship among the students and develop a sense of coordination in the living-learning processes of the students, faculty, and administration. These activities are vital for the physical, social, and psychological growth of students. Since the Student Affairs Department provides proactive support and capacity-building services to promote co-curricular activities in the University which could enrich our graduates at every stage of their life as well as help them build strong relationships with their peers, faculty, administration, and other stakeholders with the following aims and objectives:

  • to enhance the creative potential of the students
  • to expose the hidden talents of the students
  • to induce and stir a sense of love, altruism, and service to the humanity in the students
  • to prepare the students to face the challenges of practical life
  • to inculcate in students the spirit of healthy competition
  • to prepare the students for future challenges in the global context
  • to keep the students away from unwanted/undesirable associations/activities
  • to promote teamwork among the students
  • to give them a sense of responsibility and ownership
  • to inculcate leadership potential in students


  • Each student society/club consists of a faculty member as its mentor and students as members. Member students elect a cabinet composed of the following members:
  • President (must be a student)
  • Vice President (one each from male and female students)
  • General Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary (one each from male and female students)
  • Secretary Finance
  • Secretary Media and Public Relations
  • Executive body (Core responsible members of the society)

The following clubs and societies are very active at IAC giving students a chance to explore their creative energies.