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Digital Photography




Shahzad Mehmood


Studio & Computer Lab

Student Limit:

Maximum 20

Number of Classes:

Total 8 Classes: 2 classes per week


10:00 am to 1:00 pm- Mondays

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This course is designed to introduce students to the usage of photographic skills and processes to capture product and portraits. This will enable beginners to light, shoot and edit products & portraits for ecommerce and social media platforms.

The course will start with an overview of equipment, camera settings and lighting followed by practical shoots.

Further editing in Photoshop will be taught to make your image stand out.


  • Introduce students to basic camera settings
  • Introduce students to different lights and lighting setups
  • Introduce students to setup different backgrounds
  • Introduce students to editing of images in different software’s
  • Enable students to capture product and life style images which can be used for ecommerce and social media platforms.


Week 1 – Class – (1) – Course introduction and Camera Basics

  • Camera Manual settings
  • How to expose perfect images
  • Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO

Week 1 – Class – (2) – Lights Basics

  • How to setup external flashgun
  • How to adjust power of flashgun
  • Understanding the relationship between flashgun settings and camera settings.

Week 2 – Class – (1) – external light strobes and soft boxes

  • How to set up lights and connect it with transmitter
  • How to setup soft boxes
  • Difference between hard and soft light
  • Multiple use of reflectors

Week 2 – Class – (2) – Product Photography setup

  • How to setup and use product soft box for product photography
  • How to setup two-point light sources for product photography

Week 3 – Class – (1) – Product photography without product box

  • How to setup white background with art card sheets for medium size products that cannot be photographed in soft box
  • How to find the right focal length for your product

Week 3 – Class – (2) – Portrait photography techniques

  • Understanding different lighting techniques for portrait photography, back lighting, one-point light, 3-point lighting
  • How to do art direction of products on human models
  • How to create multiple image options by using the same materials.

Week 4 – Class – (1) – Product Fashion photography

  • How to setup white rolled backgrounds for fashion product photography
  • How to setup lights for different light settings
  • How to take full length and mid shots of models in different light settings
  • How to shoot fashion products in outdoor setting.

Week 4 – Class – (2) – Editing

  • Editing of Fashion product photographs on adobe software’s in computer lab.

Week 4 – Class – (3) - Final Display of Work


  1. Shahzad Mehmood.
  2. Equipment assistant.

Resource material and equipment required

  • 2 Canon 80 D camera with Kit lens, battery charger and SD card.
  • Tamron 17-50 2.8 lens
  • 2 electric extensions
  • 1 projector with screen
  • Laptop
  • 2 godox reflectors
  • 2 reflector stands
  • 2 Yoguno Flash gun
  • 2 Godox Light triggers
  • 2 Godox AD 600 lights
  • Godox AD 200 light
  • 2 godox octabox 120
  • 1 godox 80*80 square soft box
  • 2 godox sk 400 ii light sets with rectangle softboxes
  • 5 Light steel stands
  • 1 backdrop roll of white sheet with stand
  • 5 elephant size art card sheets
  • 1 product box softbox
  • Computer lab with adobe photoshop and adobe lightroom installed.
  • Color printer with paper               

    *This list is for a group of 5 students, with the increase in number of student’s equipment list will also increase.

Assessment criteria

The course shall be evaluated as per the student’s ability to capture images with the techniques and setups that are taught in class.