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Documentary Filmmaking



Title of Course:

Documentary Filmmaking


Naveed Ansari

Duration of Course:

8 Classes (2 classes per week)


10 AM to 1 PM

No of Students:

Maximum 15

Registration Fee:


Days :



This course will give a good understanding of documentary filmmaking and use of its terminology. It will also focus on the function of individual crewmembers and the importance of good research for a shoot. Participants will learn how to make a documentary from scratch with their available resources and will gain basic knowledge of cinematography, lighting, sound and editing.


  • Learn basic film terminology of documentary filmmaking
  • Have ability to proficiently operate a digital camera, record sound, light a scene and edit
  • Understand the cinematic language and filmmaking process: pre-production, production and post-production
  • Research of the subject and work on script
  • Have a better knowledge of crew hierarchy and responsibilities.
  • Make 5min short documentary film individually.


1- Introduction to Documentary Styles & Types

  • Course Introduction
  • Basic Film Terminology
  • Styles & types

2- Camera & Lighting

  • Visual Storytelling
  • Basics of Camera
  • Shots, angles & movements
  • Lighting

3- Intro to Sound

  • Identify microphone types and their practical usage.
  • Record sound on location or in the studio.

4- Project Pitch & Planning (Pre-production)

  • Selecting ideas
  • Shot Division
  • Storyboarding
  • Working with film crew
  • Budgeting & Scheduling

5- Filming (Production)

  • Project shoot

6- Introduction to Editing (Post-production)

  • Introduction to Adobe Premiere
  • Learning how to edit a film together

7- Music & Colour Correction (Post-production)

  • Music & sound effects
  • Colour correction- creating mode
  • Adding titles

8- Screenings & Feedback

  • Presenting films
  • Discuss and Analyse

Special Information

Participants will practice on IAC’s equipment within the campus such as cameras, sound devices, editing machines, etc. IAC equipment will not be provided outside of campus activities. 

Assessment criteria

The course shall be evaluated as per the student’s ability to coherently present a portfolio consisting of the produced film and pre-production project file they have created during the course.