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Essentials of 2D Animation

Essentials of

2D Animation

Title of Course:

Essentials of 2D Animation


Mr. Imran Gul

Duration of Course:

8 Classes (2 classes per week)

Registration Fee:

PKR 15,000/-

No of Students:



10:00 am to 1:00 pm


Studio Hall 2 (3rd Floor)

Students should have their own Laptops/Systems to practice throughout the week, IAC will provide lab facility and practice time during the designated class times only.

Essentials of 2D Animation

Essentials of 2D Animation

This course shall give students an introduction to animation, discuss principles of animation giving a foundation basis to start a journey into the exciting world of animation. The course shall focus upon the basics required to jump start in animation.

Aims & Objectives

Students will learn the basic concepts of animation, animation techniques, working with Moho to animate basic scenes and objects. At the end of the course the student shall be able to comfortable make small animation snippets, the focus will remain on concrete foundations on which the student can later build advance concepts.

Course Outline

Lesson 1

Discussing Animation
Intro to animation Techniques
Principles of Animation

Lesson 2

Intro to Moho
User Interface
Introduction to setup in Moho

Lesson 3

Understanding Layers
Understanding Timeline
Custom Brushes

Lesson 4

Bouncing Ball Animation
Ease in Ease out
Timing & Spacing

Lesson 5

Character Rigging
Bones & Smart Bones
Layer Binding
Point Binding

Lesson 6

Setting Up character for Walk Cycle
Walk Cycle
Run Cycle
Rendering & Exports

Lesson 7

Preparing scene environment
Animation for Environment
Parallexing for Animation

Lesson 8

Final Presentation & Submission