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Faizan Minhas

Special Ops VS Zombies First Person shooter


Existing games (e.g., ‘FPS Commando Secret Mission’, ‘Sniper Strike’ and ‘Sniper 3D: Gun Shooting Games’, etc.) are created based on the concepts of Gangsters and army or enemies fighting or how users can sabotage enemies’ plans. With the evolution in technology and space war methods, these games have some limitations as

  • These games don’t provide a clear storyline.
  • All these games are only based on Video Game consoles.
  • The consoles are very expensive as well as the games

The “Special Ops Vs Zombies” is a First-Person Shooting game having multiple levels. The major difference between this game and others is that “Special Ops Vs Zombies” is for Android users and it’s free since it will be available on the play store in the future. Very few games like this are available but they don’t provide the 3d experience that our game will do. The proposed project is a 3D environment-based game.


Main Objective:

 The main objective of this game is to provide a 3d environment. And few more objectives are given    below:

  • Providing a source of entertainment in a hectic world.
  • Enhance mental skills.
  • To provide a great Sci-Fi shooting experience.
  • Provide the player with a Fantasy storyline and more realistic 3D graphics


Following are the three levels of the game

  • Metro station
  • Pakistani street
  • Military base

Game Gameplay:

-Control a character who tries to survive in this game, there will be 5 different levels, and each level has a set of obstacles and weapons. The player can shoot with his weapon. There is a complete blackout and the player has a gun to which a spotlight is attached. He uses his weapon to see and kill enemies. There are some zombies also, the zombies move quickly towards you when you touch them with your gun. On each level, there are certain numbers of zombies that we have to kill and find some clues to achieve the level and at the end of the game, there is a big zombie. We have to kill it to win a game.

Softwares Used

Unity                                       Blender 3d       

Visual Studio                          Make Human   

Photoshop                                Daz 3d


The “Special Ops Vs Zombies” game is a video game for seasoned gamers who want a thrilling, zombie-killing action, packed with multiple types of different weapons for the player to joyously kill and massacre the zombies that plague the area.

The user group for this project includes:

  • People of age 12 or more
  • Gamers who adore shooting games