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Frequently Asked Questions


About IAC
Questions Answers
1.         Where is the Institute for Art and Culture (IAC) located? 7.5 Km from Thokar Niaz Baig, next to Govt. Technical College (GTC), Main Raiwind Road, Lahore.

Can I come and visit the Institute before I start my course?

Can I visit the IAC before I apply?

You are welcome to visit IAC from 9 am to 5 pm (Monday to Friday).

Where you will be able to view our facilities as well as having the opportunity to speak to academic staff.

3.         Is the IAC a private or Government institution? IAC is a private sector institution.
4.         How can I find out if an institution is accredited?

Search the HEC website (www.hec.gov.pk) to see institution is accredited.



When did IAC receive her degree-granting charter?

When did IAC get charter by Govt. of Pakistan?

The IAC has been established by ACT XXXI, 2018 of the Government of Pakistan. As such, its degrees are recognized nationally as well as internationally.
6.         What is the status of IAC (The Legal Authority)? Chartered by the Government of Pakistan and recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC)

Is the IAC degree recognized?

Are all programs of IAC are recognized by the HEC / PCATP?

Recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC): Yes

PCATP: NOC Granted

8.         Is IAC is affiliated with others Universities/Institutes? IAC is not affiliated with any other institute/university because IAC is a chartered Degree Awarding Institute (DAI) has equal status as that of others universities and offers its own Degree Courses because it’s a Degree Awarding Institute.
9.         Does IAC has linkage and collaboration with reputed foreign universities? Yes
10.     Why should I choose to study at the Institute for Art and Culture IAC?  
11.     Does the University have any sports facilities? IAC offers facility for games like basketball, Badminton, Cricket and Hockey.
12.     Are there prayer facilities available? Yes
13.     Is migration to IAC allowed? Yes
14.     How qualified are your teachers? We have highly trained and qualified teachers. You can also look for further more details of our faculty on the website and prospectus.
16.     What type of academic calendar does IAC follow? As per HEC academic rules, IAC follows the semester system, there are two main semesters: Fall and Spring
17.     Do IAC graduates gain admission in public and private universities, here and abroad, for higher studies? ICA degree is recognized by the HEC and our currently enrolled students will get admission locally in private and public-sector universities in Pakistan, As such, its degrees are recognized nationally as well as internationally. International level Europe, Asia, UK, USA, and many other countries.

General Queries / Questions

Questions Answers
1)        How can I get my admission form and where should I submit it? You can get the form and all necessary information from IAC (Admission Office) and you may also download the form from the IAC web-site (www.iac.edu.pk)
2)        What degree should I study?

According to your interest and abilities

You can visit our campus and discuss your concerns with our student counselor.

3)        How many seats are available for each programme? There are at least —— seats allocated for each program
4)        Is it an annual or semester system of examinations? Semester system
5)        Programme duration  
6)        Admission Fall and Spring

Travel & Transport

Questions Answers
What are the available modes of transportation? The IAC is well connected with public transport system.  
Does IAC offer transport facility? Yes  
IAC Bus/Van routes? They will be available once you are enrolled in the degree program.  

Application Process / Appling

Questions Answers
Where can I get an application form from? You can get the form and all necessary information from IAC (Admission Office) and you may also download the form from the IAC web-site (www.iac.edu.pk)  
I have not finished my first degree, can I still apply? Yes you can  
What documents do I need to submit along with my application? You can visit our website www.iac.edu.pk for the list of documents that need to be submitted along the form  
Do the required documents need to be attested? Yes  
Can I apply for more than one programme? You can apply for more than one programme at a time  

By which date do I need to submit my application?

When is the application deadline?

The deadline to submit application is 21st July 2018.  
Can I submit the application after the deadline? No  
If my application is unsuccessful, can I reapply? Yes you may apply  
I am a foreigner and want to get admission at IAC? If you fulfill the eligibility criteria, you can apply for admission  

Hostels & Accommodation


Does IAC offer hostel facility?

Do you provide hostel accommodation?


Program Information and Requirements / Course Information

1.         What courses do you offer? Details about all our programs/Courses we offer are available on our Website as well as in our Prospectus
2.         Are the courses offered by IAC comparable to international standards? Yes. IAC programs are based on curricula developed by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The course outlines used in these curricula are based on international demands and standards.
3.         What are the timings for the classes?


Classes will be held from 9:00 AM to –:– PM (Monday to Friday)

4.         What is the duration of IAC degree program?

Architecture: 5 Years/10 Semesters

Others: 4 Years/8 Semesters

Admission Requirements


What are entry requirements?

What is the eligibility criteria for admission in different undergraduate programmes?

Intermediate FA/FSc with minimum second division pass

A Levels minimum 3 subjects pass

International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB Diploma Programme)

Equivalence certificate from IBCC / The Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC)

2.         Is an equivalence certificate of qualification other than Matric & FSc / FA necessary? Can I submit my O’level and A’ level certificates? Yes

Is there an age requirement?

Is there a minimum age for admission?

There’s no age requirement for admission to IAC
4.         What extra-curricular activities will help my chances of admission? Our admissions decisions are based on academic criteria (ability and potential)
5.         Can I apply if I don’t meet the admissions criteria? Those students who do not exactly meet our admissions criteria can contact the Admission Office. Such cases are reviewed on one-on-one basis.
6.         I am already enrolled in another university and want to transfer to IAC – am I eligible and will my credits transfer? Yes, as per IAC transfer policy.
7.         I have given my intermediate/A level’s exams and my result is yet to come. Can I apply?  Or how to go about it? A Levels minimum 3 subjects pass.

Fee / Scholarships

1.         What fees will I have to pay at the time of admission?  

What is my fee package?

What is the fee structure?

For details of the fees, please refer to the relevant section in the prospectus.

For Arc Program fee per Cr Hr 9500 total Cr Hr 175

For others programs fee per Cr Hr 7500 total Cr Hr 126 to 136

Admission fee (at the time of admission) 20000

Security fee (one time only-refundable) 20000

Misc. Charges 5000 per semester

to avail laptop faci: 10,000 per semester will be charged (Surety Bound)

3.         Can I pay fee in installments? Yes, you can pay fee in two or three installments.
4.         Can I submit my processing fee in any Bank branch? No, you can only pay fee in Faisal Bank Pakistan
5.         Would the admission processing fee / security deposit be refundable in case a student does not join the University? The institute will refund only the security deposit to the candidates who do not join the institute. Admission Processing Fee is non-refundable.

Does IAC offer scholarship / financial assistance?

Can I apply for Financial Aid?

Yes: Those students who show good academic performance and maintain minimum GPA
7.         What are the criteria for awarding the Scholarship?  

Entry Test / Interview

1.         I could not appear in IAC Entry Test, Can I take the Test on some other day?  
2.         Is there any negative marking in the IAC Entry Test? No, there is no negative marking.
3.         What is the syllabus of Entry Test subjects and format of questions? There will be a drawing test, along with the logic test. There will be a test of languages as well, that will further help you in placement of the language class.
4.         Can I get some sample Test papers of IAC Entry Test?  
5.         What is the duration of test and the number of MCQs/Questions to be attempted? ​For all programmes there are 200 MCQs to be attempted in 2 hours.
6.         Is an interview necessary? Yes, every applicant has to be interviewed by Admissions Panel Committee
7.         When will I receive an admission decision (Admission Letter)? Admission letters are sent through postal mail as well as email.