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Introduction to Modelling for Games

Introduction to Modelling

for Games

Title of Course:

Introduction to Modeling for Games


Bilal Ahmed Bhatti

Duration of Course:

8 Classes (2 classes per week)


10am to 1pm

Registration Fee:


No of Students:

Maximum 15


Tuesday and Thursday


This course will give a good understanding of hard surface modelling in Blender. You will learn polygonal modelling skills used in industry for creating game ready assets and props


  • Becoming comfortable with navigating through Blender
  • Learn the basics of 3D modelling techniques
  • Learn texturing techniques used in game industry
  • Gain confidence in being able to create game ready props
  • Understanding difference between PBR and shading modes
  • Look at commonly used tools
  • Time saving techniques in polygonal modeling


1- Introduction

  • Introduction to Blender
  • User interface
  • Introduction to project

2- Polygonal Modeling

  • Introducing polygonal modelling techniques
  • Hard surface techniques
  • Selecting design to model
  • Using planes to blockout

3- Subdivision

  • Adding details by using subdivision modefiers
  • Learn different components of polygonal geometry
  • Learn to use extrude, bavel, loop cut and slide
  • Smoothing and subdivision workflow

4- Texturing  

  • Understanding different texturing workflows
  • PBR texturing techniques in Blender
  • Creating your own textures
  • Shading menu of Blender
  • Node system

5- Lighitng

  • Introduction to Lighting in Blender
  • Student will light their props in BLENDER
  • Different light systems

6- Rendering

  • How to render you final Prop
  • Rendering fundamentals in Blender

Assessment criteria


The course shall be evaluated as per the student’s ability to coherently present a portfolio consisting of final 3d Model and its Textures including rendered final image and project file they have created during the course.