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Job Placement Center



An ever-growing array of assistance is provided through the Job Placement Cell (JPC) to undergraduate and graduate students in all aspects of career drafting, as well as in job and higher education settlements. It paves way for employers to pinpoint pertinent candidates and connects students with thriving professionals from diverse industries, which supports them flourish their professional competence and matching their skill set with the needs and conditions of potential employers.

We do our best for distinction in career assistance and placement services to provide convenience to undergraduate and graduate students by coming up with a range of career prospects through job and higher education placements within and beyond Pakistan. For career progression, we pursue to place our graduates in professionally developed administrations and provide a platform for our students to interact with prominent proficient trainers of the productiveness to boost their expertise at radical levels.

We envisage being acknowledged as an exceptional career service provider, enabling IAC students and graduates. We reassure them to hunt for prime educational and professional careers while instilling aspiring procedures and rehearses and upholding the premier degree of personal and professional veracity in our undertakings.