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kiran tajwer khan

3d Printed


I came to know about 3d printing when I started researching for my thesis. I didn’t have much knowledge about it first but then once I started learning about it, I got to know about its Importance. This is a whole new medium for us that we can explore and use it in our textile/fashion Industry. People in Pakistan are not aware that there is a new printing technique that can be used in textile/Fashion. I found it very interesting and thought of Introducing it in Pakistan. That’s when I decided that I will chose 3d printing as my topic for Thesis.



First of all, I decided to buy a 3d printing machine and looked for it on many websites. After some research, I found that there are many technicalities with using a machine so I dropped my plan of buying one instead I decided to use the services of people who have this machine and are using it for different things. The most important thing about 3d printing is to have knowledge about the software because whatever you want to build, you will first have to design it using a software. I started drawing sketches on my sketch book, then I replicate that design on the software and then started printing it.At first, I printed an earring sample using resin as the material which didn’t work due to the manufacturing issues. It turned out to be very thick and hence it was unwearable



I chose to use TPU and PLA as my go to products because you can acquire desired flexibility and stiffness using these products. Once I understood my materials, I started working on my design elements. I used doodling technique to design elements. I used it on my accessories and garments. I generated different designs and created bangles, earrings, bags, clothes and even sole of a shoe.