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HUSN E SALOOK (Animal rights)


Veterinary doctors are also a part of the initiative’s core team. This initiative’s ambition is to help the donkey owners by giving them awareness as well as financial relief.


In order to communicate the details about this project’s aspirations and functions, the theme of Truck Art is chosen. Keeping in mind the vibrant hues and cultural relevance, the visual language seeks to connect with its target audience, keeping in mind their social and literacy constraints.

This project proposes a donkey booster food which consist of protein, carbohydrates and minerals helpful in gaining energy.

An awareness campaign named as HUSN-E-SALOOK has been planned to be launched to effectively communicate with the target audience. The team of vet doctors among other members will go to the areas where donkey owner live, donkey booster supplement and Rashan bag will be distributed for owners and the donkeys. This awareness campaign will focus on educating how to treat donkeys with help of artists performing a theatre play. Number plates for carts will be distributed helping them to register in the NGO. So that there can be a record for every visit they will make monthly. Most importantly they will be given a specially designed cart whose wheels lock after the load exceeds 250 kg which a donkey can easily bear. Any added weight after the limit is reached will cause the wheels to lock.


We have a bad speculation about it that a donkey means dumb. Donkey is most intelligent animal. A donkey never forgets the alley all his life through which he passes only once. Donkey can bare 75% of his body weigh per day. But in Pakistan due to daily wage system donkey is supposed to work 12-14 hours per day in which he completes 5 to 6 rounds from the loading site towards the unloading site, making the total weight he carries 1200 kg per day. In Pakistan there is no minimum age determined for labor work for humans or animals and donkeys also become the victim. While being overload, which sadly results in broken front leg and backbone rendering him useless. These are some of the reasons they die early. As we are a developing nation, we cannot replace animal so we overbreed them which increase population.