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In the shadows


As for the purpose, it is basically clear. It’s a game where player needs to be fast and keep his composure and focus on objectives. Missions would be strategic and the player needs to find the path and complete level to reach final destination. Enemy is vigilant and also has the idea that there is something around and our player needs to guide these creatures to safe place in every level of the game.



Once upon a time there lived small creatures away from the sight of mankind hunted for the food at night and kept themselves hidden from all the living creatures. They were afraid they will be taken away to the labs and would not survive. This family had set some rules to keep themselves hidden and away from all the human access and the main rule was to look for food at night. They lived in a house with another family of humans so they had to be cautious of there actions. Meanwhile a little boy was born to these creatures and he was always amused to see the light’s the cars and all the things humans do fascinated him but sadly he was forbidden to go out and have fun. This boy was different he always wanted to look the world and go out, he wasn’t the one who could be caged or restricted for long. He once planed to run away from all this and experience this in real, he never thought what it would turn into a “Nightmare” for him and his family. When this boy goes out hiding from the humans which lived in that house to go away. It takes him so much time to even go from one to another. Meanwhile he is on the escape and he is discovered by the family cat. He tries to hide and escape but the cat finds him and trouble starts. Cats takes her away to the warehouse situated outside of the house for wood work and it was a storage. He manages to escape from the cat and hide until it goes away. Now he has to figure out a way to go back home and reunited with his family.

Game mechanics

 This is a story oriented game where players have to find path and look for a way to survive with a 3d environment in a top-down view. Each level has its own objectives and is different from others. There will be a survival environment and players would have to keep an eye on health and vigilance meter. Player would be in control of character movement..


The user group for this project includes:

  • People of age 12 or more
  • Gamers who adore open world pc games