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Slowly the practice of this art form has disappeared from the mainstream performing art platforms. Due to the various social, religious and other reasons the patronage and the practice of Kathak is reduced to a minimum in Pakistan. With this project I want to make Kathak accessible to a common person by creating a performing art school conducting Kathak dance classes. People will be able to learn about the practice and prestige of this discipline with easily accessible and flexible classes.


Khatak is about storytelling, exercise, psychology and Yoga. Emerging epidemic of obesity has led to focus on the exercise-training and on regular practicing of moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity. Its a good time for us to reconnect with past as well as take forward this ancient art with so many benefits. The Kathak School which has been made is promoted by incorporating mandalas in the design campaign. As ancient as Kathak itself these continuous repeating circles reflect the perfect harmony associating with Kathak. The visual language created by Mandalas communicate the peace, balance and beauty of this dance form.                                                                 


There are several benefits of adding Kathak dance into your life. Kathak is a great form of exercise and entertainment for a dancer. Kathak dance not only benefits you physically but it also has some great psychological benefits too.

Like it gives you a good posture, Gives your body balance, Helps you lose weight and gives a beautiful medium of expression to the artist.

Adopting this art form will help in Make you physically strong, Makes your brain sharp, Helps improve your expression all while Making you a better storyteller