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This project will be centered on a campaign with the goal of educating and raising awareness about PTSD. The initiative (TO TALK) will help to break this stigma by raising awareness about mental health conditions.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychological health disorder wherein you struggle to recover long after experiencing a situation that bring back terrible memories, and struggle with feelings of worry, depression, or rage. You may believe it is more difficult to connect with people, and sometimes even with yourself. Post- traumatic stress disorder is not a sign of weakness, but just a mental health issue that can be identified and treated. You or a loved one can start to recover with the support of a mental health expert.


“Kaho” is a platform for those who are suffering with their mental health. They are aware that something is wrong, “Kaho” helps them to be vocal about it. Normalizing therapy and talking about mental illness helps in moving forward. In this platform individuals can come and talk about their thoughts and experiences, with a helpline operated by psychologists and psychiatrists 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many people cannot afford to see a psychologist, and their mental health is affected as a result. I designed this experience with an application design and associated organized events recurring every month to reinforce the message. This system makes it easy and convenient for affected people to get professional help along with talking to each other when required. It’s like social interaction platform centered on mental health and wellbeing.


Emotions, thinking, communication, empathy, patience, and personality are all built on the foundation of mental health. Many people suffering from mental diseases are afraid to talk about their ailment. It is a medical illness, similar to diabetes or heart disease. If PTSD symptoms are not addressed promptly, they can become extremely serious, even deadly. It’s critical to be aware of your physical wellbeing so that you really can see those warning signals and get proper treatment if necessary. While everyone is aware of the symptoms and treatment solutions for common physical problems that affect their loved ones, such as the flu, migraines, and fever, many people are clueless of how to look for their mental health. Mental health is just as vital as physical health.