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This study refers to the human psyche of empathy towards other individuals and his own self too regardless of any religion, culture, gender or race. This study was started initially by associating it with makeup products and its usage as it was my obsession but later as the process went forward, it was symbolically combined with the elements of nature, air, fire, earth, water and it stocked on water as water is a huge part of my zodiac sign (Virgo) and also 70% of the human existence depends upon it. Water is further associated with my personality through my zodiac sign


Further, research on material and techniques associated with this symbol were carried out resulting in the usage of crystal for embellishments, portraying the purity of snow, solid form of water, marbling techniques showing the flow of water as well as its splashes Furthermore, the scientific structures of ice, snow and water are also the part of my experimental study as it is believed that these structures carried a whole world inside them which have been shown in my design exploration through mediums. This process is a slow and evolving process in which every stage is associated with me and my phases of life in correspondence of purity thus this work is carried out in layers further to make an emotional connection with it.