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This ideology expresses that the mini (minimal) things in life are the ones that have maximum impact on and in shaping our lives.

It is an awareness campaign that encourages and motivates people to figure out the little, the minute things in life, the mundane that matter to them and empower, face, encourage and practice them enough to make them a max part of their life. This way we can not only provide ourselves a little get away from the loop of life, we can also be aware of all the little things that matter and that makes us able to be there for those who matter. So that once you are finally out of the loop, you look forward to those minimal things.


This ideology expresses that the mini (minimal) things in life are the ones that have maximum impact on and in shaping our lives.

The research part of this thesis consists of Primary data collection and Secondary data collection, considering all variables. This led to a project placed in a corporate environment and divided in three distinct phases.

Phase one aims to make people aware of how they are stuck in a loop. It consists of a Poster and an interactive activity.

Phase 2 consists of a series of posters on theme of “Dreams” and a Zine. The pop of color in the posters and the zine is for the hope, the exit strategy. That there still is an exit that we can take to get out of the rut.

Phase 3 has been designed as an invitation for an unwinding session aka “The Gateway”. This phase included an invitation card in collaboration with a wellness studio Cloud 9 to a one hour unwinding session where you could do different activities. You can talk to your friends, a person you just met or even a complete stranger. This activity has been designed and conducted through conversation starting cards.


It is as sad and unfortunate as it seems to know that we as humans have not evolved in this genre of life at all. 100 or 200 or 500 years ago and now; we are still captivated with the thought of being ahead. Captivated by it so much that we often give up everything we already have to get ahead; unsure and unaware if we will ever regain what we are losing. This thesis is all about that. How we are so horse sighted towards the degree of success that the world has decided for us that we are actively giving up on a lot of things which deserve a place very close and dear to our heart. What is more painful that this is that the world has made one thing that was so sacred and crucial now disposable; love.