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Concept and idea of the game 

The concept is all about to merge 2 genres of the game industry into 1 . we all knows that fps or shooting game are running all around the world from a long period of time people love them but the basic mechanics of the game cannot be change. The games mechanics back In 2012 is same as they are now in 2022 after 10 years. These types of games never ended.

On the other side when the game industry grooms and many other game genres add in the industry then the games like fruit ninja, candy crush and slice it all take places in the market and sets a new trend in the market.

As a game designer I always think about new trends and new genres so this concept come up to the mind why not merge both of the games in 1 game.



Game play will be amazing as the game is landscape do at a time you are holding two controls from right

There is tap to shoot and from left there is a joystick to move around the world. In this game you have to kill all the enemy clans you have in the first level to clear it. There are different types of enemies that are like banana, coconut and strawberry. They also have the weapons on there top and they will kill you if you don’t kill them. There is the health system in this game that will decreases when enemy hits you.


Game Mechanics

the game mechanics is very simple our game is in landscape. There are 2 controls from left bottom there is a joystick from where you can control the character and move around the environment and from right bottom there is tap to shoot when enemy attacks you have to attack them by pressing that btn

  • Tap to shoot
  • Joystick to move


the universe is about the fruit world everything will be related to fruits and there are clans made up of fruits and have gun on them the mango is the king and he is saving his territory. there are 3 types of world grass, snow and kind of autumn season where there are different other fruits that are attacking on king.they are waiting for you to kill each other.


  • Experience a hybrid controller
  • Market the project
  • Publish it on different platforms earn money