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My thesis provides that visual and emotional aid to help understand the mind of a criminal. Aimed at looking at the world through the eyes of a psychopath, it helps understand how they see the world and interpret things around them, because as human beings the only thing that keeps us sane, is reason. We observe things, try to understand them and find reasons to why these things happen. This was exactly the reason behind my thesis project. I came up with a technique to show a flip between two realities (ours and that of a psychopath’s). Which helped people understand and feel through the perspective of a psychopath and the emotions related to that experience.


I started off my thesis project by trying to explore the mind of a criminal through creative thinking and design. Along the way I came up with a lot of different directions to show a flip between realities. Including the anaglyph technique but that to me was the technique of the 90’s and seemed obsolete. I remembered how the billboards in the past used to work, they were made of a number of long but small width strips that flipped every 10 to 15 seconds and displayed a different billboard design. This technique was something that I was going to go for.


As I am a tech head, and have always been into technology and how it works. I was still exploring when I remembered how LCDs work. If their Polaroid layer is removed, they display nothing but a white screen while the display is there and all we need to see it is a Polaroid filter. Taking forward this idea for the implementation of my thesis I went to hall road, Lahore, bought some old LCD screens, removed their Polaroid layers and voila! It worked.


I designed my logo around the concept of the yin yen and the concept of the flipped reality and how the good and the bad live in correlation to each other. On one side you see a normal person but on the other you see the devil depicting the negative and the bad.

I sculpted a hand and a foot and painted them to look as they were cut off and showcased them as valuable items are showcased at museums to depict the idea that psychopaths keep them as trophies and for them these are valuable items.


I can see this project being utilized and explored by the criminology departments, for them to teach and understand their students and researchers about how a psychopath sees the world, understand their minds and their patterns, because, to solve a problem we have to first understand it, and my thesis projects provides that visual and emotional aid to help understand something that was partly taught through books and research papers but not something visual, and this is going to be more effective since visual aids are proven to be more effective than reading.