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Muhammad Taimoor shahzad




If we talk about concept of the game. I was too irritated by the campers in the shooting game, I myself wanted to play openly where you are under target most of the time.

A fast motion game.

Concept reference: PUBG TDM/CSGO 


Game Play:

Gameplay would be two players having a deathmatch.

The player with most kills will win the match.

Match would consist of 30 kills and total of 15 minutes of time.

Game Mechanics:

Character would be moving in vector3 movement, character would be skiting in  every direction and can also jump while moving and you’ll be controlling your character with mouse only.


The goal of the player is to have higher kill count than its competitor which will eventually make the player the winner of the match. 


Slytheries is basically a death match game and the concept of the game is to eliminate the factor of  camping  in the death match games to make them fast and rapid action game where you are under target most of the time which makes it interesting. This game will also let you control your character with mouse only which means where the mouse will point your character will start dragging towards that direction.

Players will get opportunity to explore new and unique mechanics.