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Spooky,s Forest


Being interested in 2D art I find it more fun to explore different things. I love to watch horror and fantasy based season the most popular in my list is Sabrina the teenage witch is got my total heart, my game theme is inspired by that story. It doesn’t mean that I have been working on only Sabrina related stuff basically my game idea was different but with the time changes my final product is this for now. I made my spooky character in 3D. Plus I find my own self in this character because its kind a messy and selfless and always available to help others but all alone on his own journey. This what I am facing from the day I started my own journey in Pakistan which is still going on. And with the dark theme I wanted to show my inner feelings and devil inside of me. The path is my own life path that how I am fighting with my own devil and moving forward to my goals while keeping myself from other devil too.

The witch character is evil in this game because I wanted to show the toxicity of this world that how we are damaging each other without knowing how painful it will be for others with our own act, and people become happy and feel proud by hurting others.



This is a puzzle based game. My main focus was on fun element. The first screen is play screen and you have to start it with level one once the player start the level the puzzle screen will pop up with limited moves and with the selected target. Since the character is on the hunt of the ingredients of antidote magical portion drink, player has to select the evil teeth, cats hairs, some silver and pumpkin to complete a portion so he can fight with witch


Concept Art

2D Painting and fantasy illustration vector art.

Models and textures

Here I can only share a mode board for now

UI/UX Design


it’s a free easy to play puzzle based game, and also these kind of game are in trend these days, eg candy crush

Bubble shooter, pet rescue saga, diamond digger saga etc. I made it different game with unique idea of fun in my game with the same theme of game. Its has different game play mechanics than these games.