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This project is an effort to emphasis the importance of memories with grandparents. It also attempts to capture the beauty and fragility of memories with grandparents in the form of delicate laser cut illustrations.


First I made a research boards of memories that associated with my grandfather in these research boards I collected images that relate with my memories than I sketch these memories



The artwork for this project has been created keeping in mind the purpose of evoking those feelings in the viewer that I once felt in the company of my grandparents. The project also attempts to show the delicacy of my memories so that the viewer can imagine and feel them while viewing my artwork. To depict that delicate nature of a memory, I 6 have incorporated the technique of paper cutting in my thesis project artworks. I have used laser cut as the technique primarily used in my project for papercutting to achieve that delicateness. The paper created for this project was created from organic materials. This was achieved after multiple attempts of experimentation and material exploration to create a surface that was found to be suitable for this project