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Osama Bilal

Mars Survival


  • This is a 3d action adventure game, based on the comic Terra Formars(Japanese: テラフォーマーズ, HepburnTera Fōmāzu) is a Japanese mangaseries written by Yū Sasuga and illustrated by Kenichi Tachibana.
  • The game is an open-world environment, focusing on other aspect of the story version where the lab created creatures were sent and they evolved, found the power of A.I and used it to make mars into giving life.
  • The time has come and you are the chosen sergeant to save the humanity from this threat by the intelligent civilization that is taking part on another planet.
  • Sergeant your mission is to eliminate all the enemies and save Planet Earth.

    Clear & Over….!


Game Objectives: The main objective of the game revolves around on the surface of a Mars where to player is given the opportunity to explore the adventures on Mars.

The Big Idea: The game revolves around the main player who is an astronaut which is being chosen to send to mars to eradicate the insects that were send to mars before him.

Platform: Pc/Xbox

 List interactive items: Collect shotgun, Health, face sculpture that includes the power in it to charge down the ship

Controls: The major controls of the player are his movements, his shooting and jetpack.

Software Used: Unity, Blender, Photoshop, Illustrator, Visual Studio Code, After Effects.


The scope of game is currently limited to a single player and 3d experience on Pc and Xbox and will be expanded on the updates to mobile and VR experiences with multiple networking and different worlds. The game is 16+ and targets global audiences on different platforms. This game major scope is to relive the old comic characters and stories. The comic collection is targeted from all around the world, also aiming to inspire other game creators to develop games on comic stories and bring them to virtual experiences, so the user/player can experience how it feels to play as a superhero character of their favorite comic book.

There is also a paid version where the players will be allowed to change teams, be part of the A.I and fight against humans.