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Our students (Testimonials and achievements)

Our students (Testimonials and achievements)

Here is what our students have said about IAC

‘I chose my degree because I was very passionate about film making so I choose the degree. Why IAC? It’s because I found it inexpensive compared to other universities at that time and as I am from a middle-class family it offered me everything, I wanted to be a filmmaker at a low cost. That’s the main reason to be here.

Performing for the IAC audience for the first time in 1st semester is one of my first memory at IAC. I am very active in co-curricular activities since my first semester. I have served 2 years as a director of the Music society in IAC. Now I am the president of the Music society. I have arranged and managed many shows, and events at IAC, including fashion shows, theater, and the first-ever concert at IAC. I was the first person who introduced improv theater in IAC as a class project and it was a house full show.

IAC is what represents us, and we are the ones who represent IAC.’

Aizaz Husain (BFTV) (School of Digital and Cinematic Art)

‘I chose IAC Because there was no other university offering animation design at that moment and I was really interested in choosing animation design. I have always been a storyteller and since animation gives u a lot of freedom so that is exactly what I wanted as an artist. My favorite memory of IAC so far is When I performed on stage for the first time ever in theatre. I am a part of the Theatre society. I think everything in life is a learning process. So is true for a degree program. If u r ready to learn every single aspect of your degree develops you academically and so have mine.’

Aghna Fatima (B.Animation) (School of Digital and Cinematic Art)

‘I have never seen a campus better than IAC has. Besides the great areas, this campus also has the facilities such as An exhibition hall, a fully equipped auditorium, a lush green botanical garden, soulful contemplating spaces, and fabulous. IAC has always promoted the art and its culture. The students at this university surely consist of different people with versatile backgrounds.

I decided to choose IAC to become my continuing place to get more knowledge in my next steps as a university student. Memories are a vital component of our bodies. They shape our personality as all our knowledge and past experiences are stored there.

One of the best memories is meeting new people, those who were strangers, and now they become family to me, this includes not only my friends but also my faculty members as the faculty of IAC is very supportive and friendly. We made memories and still we are making it. If I talk about events that I and my society (Uraan Management) organized are the ever-lasting memories.

Azeem Burhan Sheikh (B.Arch) (School of Architecture, Design, and Urbanism)

‘Many People said that knowledge is the most important thing to become a successful person but, in my opinion, being a success is not as simple as that, we need the right place to get an education, a good society such as faculty and the environment element a large network, that can support the activity of studying, that will decide our future and can make our dream to be a real one.

As we can see in Lahore there are so many universities but based on my research by asking some friends and seeing the real campus life, I choose IAC because this is the only institute which full fills all the requirements and needs of every art student that provide freedom of design and making your own ideas, your own decisions. Especially the promotion of all cultures by educating us on our mother language Punjabi, Pashto, etc. This was majorly the reason for choosing this institute.

Being a student has been the most amazing experience, I have made the best friends and the best memories. Being halfway through my final year has made me think a lot about what the future holds, but also about how much I will miss my time at IAC once it’s all over.

One of the most enjoyable parts of being a student at IAC was my first year in university management from the student body. My experience of being in management was that it was so much fun, and there was always something going on. I made official contacts in the first year with who I have lived throughout all of my university experience, and I believe it improved my communication skills for life. Living in IAC was a real highlight for me!

Mudassar Hassan (B.Arch) (School of Architecture, Design, and Urbanism)


‘I chose this institute because of your highly rated Architecture program. I’ve had a passion for this field for a long time and it’s exciting to learn from faculty that have built such a great program. I think my skills and learning style have been a great fit for the program. In addition to this highly regarded program, it’s exciting about studying on the beautiful campus and participating in the rich student life that is offered here. The campus fosters an engaging and collaborative environment and builds the profound minds of the students. This campus embodies diversity in its programs, clubs, extracurricular, and most importantly in its people. I think diversity is important in all aspects of learning. By being exposed to this wide range of different experiences and perspectives, I hope to become a subtle human being and a successful future Architect.

It is hard for me to pick a favorite memory from university as I have truly enjoyed every single day in the last three years at IAC! However, when I think about something that has really marked my university experience, I must mention the first event held in IAC which I managed with my fellows. It was quite incredible to make that event possible in just four days including performances of all societies. Another great memory includes my first internship on the campus during the summer holidays. I got engaged with the management and administration. My communication skills got highly enhanced during the period as well as I get great confidence to work in an office with professionals.’

Azfar Ameer (B.Arch) (School of Architecture, Design, and Urbanism)