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Course Description

This course introduces the basic skills and concepts of painting Students will be able to explore any technique of painting they are interested in

For instance
1. Acrylic Painting
2. Water Color
3. Oil Painting
4. Pastel Color

Further, introduce students to classical and contemporary watercolor painting techniques and concepts with emphasis on the understanding of its formal language and the fundamentals of artistic expression Painting from still life, landscape, figure, and life models from observation will be geared towards realism at the same time, various other painting styles could be explored Color theory, linear perspective, compositional structure, figure/ground relationships, visual perception, spatial concepts, and critical thinking skills will
all be emphasized extensively.

Course Objectives

  • Introduce students to the fundamental processes of visual perception and artistic expression
  • Develop students’ confidence in using watercolor painting as a primary medium for artistic expression
  • Develop students’ ability to verbalize ideas and processes in art making
  • Develop an understanding of history, major styles and contemporary issues in watercolor painting

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Explore a variety of watercolor techniques and themes
  • Have a basic understanding of color blending and the use of materials
  • Understand painting composition in a variety of landscapes
  • Create 4 paintings version of the course
  • Have the ability to paint with watercolor by yourself

Teaching Methodology

The course is 100 practical and will be taught through a series of assignments, peer learning, and presentations along with demonstrations and audio visual aids for practical activities Research work, class juries and peer discussions will be done in each assignment