The School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (SADU) focuses primarily on developing critical thinking and innovative approaches needed to reshape the world both physically and socially. The School prepares students to debate and apply creative ideas to create a sustainable living environment that is ergonomically efficient. It trains them to develop a holistic approach towards architecture and urbanism with special focus on community participation, inclusivity, and creative partnerships. SADU is mainly concerned with improving the standard of life for people by generating spaces building an aesthetic, safe and just environment, one that allows people the opportunity to have enriching life experiences.

Vision & Mission Statement

  • To create an academic environment that is tolerant, encourages intellectually stimulating and incisive discussions and respects diversity of opinions through interdisciplinary approach.
  • To encourage holistic thinking based on the awareness of the cultural context for generation of ideas/knowledge through research, design and collaborations.
  • To develop an understanding of creative, aesthetic, theoretical and the technical aspects in the fields of Architecture, Design and Urbanism.
  • To enable students to develop an understanding of dominant global discourses in the field and apply them to the local settings.
  • To enable and guide students to formulate their thoughts/ideas into researchable content and offer policy advice to the governments and industry through industry-academia linkages.
  • To develop communication skills (both oral and written) for an efficient and effective expression of ideas through special courses on language and presentation techniques.
  • To instill strong work ethics among students in academic pursuits and professional practice.

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