The School of Art (SOA) offers degree programs in Art and Design by employing an integrated approach. It bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary practices of art-making in the region by recognizing their shared histories, creative processes and prospective global faces. The School of Art believes that the highest standards of creative excellence are achieved only when theoretical clarity matches expert knowledge and informs the practice of the discipline. Therefore, rigorous studio practice is placed at the center of the school’s academic structure. The studio practice is complemented by a comprehensive history and theory of Art components that enable students to situate and envision artistic expressions within social and cultural contexts. Similarly, realizing the needs of the future creative industry, the students are simultaneously exposed to local communities, native businesses and global markets by using the digital platforms.

Vision & Mission Statement

  • To develop an understanding of indigenous cultural landscape and artistic legacy and rich heritage.
  • To use art and style as a vehicle to diffuse polarities, instill and increase a greater sense of community.
  • To address gaps within the fields of Fine Arts, Design, and imagine it to be a replacement dynamic space of learning and artistic encounter.
  • To provide a holistic art education that equips students with knowledge and skills and enables them to customize the global trends within the local settings.
  • To meet the ever-increasing demand of Art and Design professionals for the industry. Be it textile, fashion, advertising, social media, culture, entertainment or other allied fields e.g. medicine, engineering or information technology.

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