Culture is a living organism that is being increasingly employed by the countries around the world to extend their sphere of influence. Cultural diplomacy has been recognized as a form of diplomacy wherein culture forms the essence of winning over support persuasively and through attraction instead of coercion. Cultural and creative industries are at the heart of urban development, thus leading to the idea of creative cities. Likewise, language represents the sum total of a nation’s lived experience. In addition to being a lingua and franca; it is a vehicle for the expression of its value system, social norms, heritage and traditions.

The School of Culture and Language aims to embed the socio-historical consciousness needed to market cultural practices and products, literature and poetry within the larger framework of interaction of ideas. Being an ancient society that dates back to Indus Valley Civilization, we've a living legacy of cultural and linguistic diversity which is a collective asset that must be understood and promoted, making it compatible with the requirements of recent times. The varsity recognizes the elemental right of every culture to exist within the process of human evolution and believes that co-existence of diverse cultures can lead towards a tolerant, harmonious and progressive society/world. With interdisciplinary approaches, SCL aims to market creative expression through exposure to diverse cultural practices, a process in which language, art, music, theater, and storytelling constitute important components.

Vision & Mission Statement

  • To promote the critical appreciation of the worth and significance of culture and its diversity through interaction with communities, thus exploring their behaviors, beliefs and practices including the social impact of culture on people.
  • To enhance their cultural sensitivity in developing innovative policies, strategies and projects that are socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable.
  • To promote critical understanding of creative expressions and their internal mechanisms through exposure to arts, music, theater, cultural theories and practices.
  • To develop an understanding of basic human psychology in terms of its interaction with individuals and communities in diverse contexts.
  • To effectively understand and communicate in Pakistani and international languages for a better understanding of people’s values, cultural norms, practices, and rituals.
  • To appreciate the evolution of culture through the people’s history, mythology and folklore, allowing them to develop a deeper understanding of their past as a way of understanding the future in an effort to build equitable and sustainable societies.

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